As our entire planet continues to face the collective challenges that accompany social distancing, we’d like to offer these 10 random activity ideas for quarantine entertainment featuring works of art by Peter Quinnell, Simona Munazzali, Dave Homer, Patti Molica, Karen Donnelly, Anne Wertheim, Matt Taylor, Kristin Krest, Sarah Maxwell, and Katie Williams!

We hope these suggestions both encourage you to continue exploring creative outlets for cabin fever relief and remind you that engaging in some lighthearted nonsense is a great way to keep spirits lifted.

1. Build a Collage

Do you have an old stack of magazines that’s been gathering dust in your basement since the 80s? Grab a pair of scissors, cut out whatever catches your attention, and create an eclectic work of art to hang in your living room.

Artwork by Peter Quinnell: Portfolio // Website

Represented by: Debut Art LLC

2. Imaginary Dinner Party

Place a few stuffed animals in the chairs surrounding your dinner table. Prepare a feast, dish out a generous serving for each of your guests, and indulge in some friendly table talk. Plan to eat leftovers in the coming weeks.

Artwork by Simona Mulazzani: Portfolio // Website

Represented by: Morgan Gaynin

3. Read Aloud

Whether it’s a storybook chapter, the newspaper, or the ingredients label on your favorite snack — read something out loud, even if there’s no one around to listen.

Artwork by Matt Taylor: Portfolio // Website

Represented by: Central Illustration Agency 

4. Family Manicure Party

When anyone who’s anyone has no where to be anytime soon, don’t let gender identity politics keep you down. For all the football dads that’ve always secretly wanted to paint their nails pink – put on a bathrobe, grab a nail filer, and choose a polish color that makes you feel pretty. No one has to know.

Artwork by Patti Molica: Portfolio // Website

Represented by: Morgan Gaynin

5. Creative Writing Challenge

Free writing once a day can help relieve stress, stimulate brain activity, and keep your creative juices flowing so grab a pen + paper, set a timer for fifteen minutes, and try to continue writing anything at all until the timer goes off.

Artwork by Karen Donnelly: Portfolio // Website

6. Dance Party in the Kitchen

Step 1: Wear a pasta strainer as a helmet. Step 2: Hold a cooking utensil in each hand to wave around as props. Step 3: Throw on a funky playlist

Artwork by Anne Wertheim: Portfolio // Website

7. Coloring Books

They’re saying 2020 is the year of the coloring book. Get with the times, grab yourself a box of crayons, and join the movement.

See *5 Coloring Books to Pass the Time* for inspiration.

Artwork by Dave Homer: Portfolio // Website

8. Plant a Garden

Did you know that getting your hands dirty in the garden can help you feel more relaxed? As research shows that contact with soil triggers the release of serotonin in our brains, gardening offers a natural anti-depressant.

Artwork by Kristin Kest: Portfolio // Website

9. Prank Phone Calls

Is your refrigerator running? Well then you better go catch it. What better way to check in on grandma than with a fake accent from a blocked phone number?

Artwork by Sarah Maxwell: Portfolio // Website

Represented by: Folio

10. Jams, Jellies, and Preserves

Is standard old toast boring you? Did you decide to hoard a surplus of fruit that is slowly beginning to rot? Would you like to wake up each morning knowing that a spoonful of homemade deliciousness is waiting for you just around the corner? Discover the art form of jam and jelly preservation for a novel yet easy and simple hobby with an impressive shelf life. Get experimental with some exotic flavors today. 

Artwork by Katie Williams: Portfolio // Website