10 Minute Rule……

Last year during a NYC visit, I was visiting a certain Penguin Group AD (hi! Cecelia)  and she gave me a wonderful HINT about her take on viewing art and artists’ work…and I think it applies to writing too.  It’s stayed with me, and because I find I practice the same rule, I felt I should finally share it with you.

THE 10 MIN. RULE:  if the work generally doesn’t HIT me in less than 10 minutes, I move on. Done (often less!)

It’s true…. we see a LOT of art, and often we agents, ADs and designers and editors are artists ourselves.  We see a LOT of art over a LOT of years.  Sure, we filter through our own likes and dislikes, but we do keep an open-eyed ‘ overview’ for the market and it’s needs at any given time.  We make mistakes, but we make decisions fast.  Have to!

So what can you take from this?   WOW US!  start out GREAT and build from there!  Make the first piece (or paragraph) a winner and then must keep following it up with your best characters, your best drawing, your best color, your best expressions, your best action, your BEST!….. and UNlike everyone else’s BEST.                 10 minute rule rules!

so look in the mirror often and be honest about what you see…. your best?  and from my CAT artist and son Jeremy Tugeau, as a reminder= ’ mirror, mirror, on the wall’…’

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