100 Years of Wrigley Field

100 Years of Wrigley Field

Last year, but I’m catching up on the blogging.

Here’s what we’ve got:

1. An overview of the stadium, circa maybe 1995.
2. Mordecai Brown.
3. A depiction of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Because why not.

My friend Kevin Sherrington, a sportswriter for the Dallas Morning News, made up the expression, “It’s snowing like a Mordecai.” I do not think, as of this writing, that said expression has gained any traction whatsoever. Anywhere.

I exaggerated the flatness of Mr. Brown’s features upon his face because that is what illustrators and artists do. Exaggerate. And the Whales cap. Gotta like that. I’ll bet cash money Ebbets Field Flannels carries that hat, and I swear I haven’t checked. Note also the buttoned-up guaranteed scratchy collared jersey. My brother and I rejected approximately 137,583 sweaters and other potential back-to-school articles of clothing with the assertion that they were scratchy. Worked every time. And yet we wore out Little League jerseys, worn scratchy by a full generation of my home town having washed them as harshy as possible. Imagine all that.

I went for an early High School art class vibe to the historical panorama of the trigger event for WW1. Based on (somewhat) more realistic artistic accounts from that time. You can imagine the Archduke making arch comments to the dude with the pistol.

And the background colors tie together the overlapping foreground graphic elements.

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