101 creativity tips: Creative warm ups

How do you warm up before you start creating? Do you have some tasks that you always perform before you throw yourself into the tasks that you have set for your day?

I always try and start the day with a little life drawing, mainly from excellent kindle books made for just this reason. I’ll then read a little bit from an anatomy or drawing text book. Then I’ll go and look at what everyone else in the world is creating before starting my own work. I could probably be more efficient by not looking at what everyone else is making but I really love illustration and the art world in general and I really like looking at what other people are making. 

If you don’t already have a warm up plan then I suggest that you make one. It can really help you to refine some of the fundamentals of your creative practice, it can also shake out some of the rustiness that you may be feeling as you start work. I would also suggest that you pick one or two things that you really want to improve on as part of your warm up. For example, I used to draw at least two female faces from my imagination before I did anything else in the day. It was something I wanted to improve so I made it the start of any creative process. After a few months and many thousands of female faces I am nearly happy with my ability to draw a female face. 

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