101 creativity tips: Embrace your inner design viking

There are lots of myths and legends about Vikings, some of them are true, some of them (like horns on helmets) are probably not true. 
One myth/legend that has always interested me was that the Vikings, when trying to settle a new island or take over a new country, would burn their ships as soon as they arrived. Now…I’m sure this is probably an exaggeration of something. I would bet that they burnt one boat and used the rest of the boat/s to make houses or something, that would be my guess but I would love it if someone who knows more about this would tell me about it.
What ever the truth, it seems to me that the Vikings were people who really threw themselves behind an idea, people who invested everything into achieving their goals. They were people who went out and conquered the bits of the world that they wanted. 
So, a design viking would be someone who went out in their design Knarr and slaughtered all of the competition (metaphorically).
Go out and embrace your inner design viking

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