101 creativity tips: Leave room for magic

So, you are planning your next big project.
You’ve got sample pieces, you’ve had a go at different parts of the thing you are creating, you know where you are headed. 
Where’s the magic? You need to have some breathing room, some experimentation. 
I’ve been speaking to a lot of adult learners recently. I like the way that most of them will have worked out what they want to create before they have started anything. I don’t like the way that some of them have decided exactly what they want to do and exactly, precisely, what they want it to look like. 
That kind of thinking can suck all of the life out of an image. Freedom is important, energy is important. Look at the sense of creative play in Eric Carle’s work. Look at the beautiful movement in Quentin Blake’s use of inks and watercolour. Both of these artists have used the added ingredient of magic in their work. 

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