The day our kids’ school was founded. So I was asked (once again) to contribute a painting for a fundraiser. The cost of the materials involved can be written off on your taxes. Big woo.

I’d fallen back onto a smallish square portrait of the school, but this year – THIS YEAR – would be different.


I looked up stuff that happened 100 years ago and thought some of that would make a great border around my usual square picture of the school. Charlie Chaplin, Woodrow Wilson, Grand Central Station, that’s stuff from another world. 1913 was the year that the I.R.S. started collecting Federal income taxes. I decided to leave that one out.

Marketing decision.

I went slightly more folk art / navie this year, distorting the school enough to give it a cartoonish character. Brightened up some of the outline colors from previous years. Yellowed up the green of the grass. The sky is two tones of blue, separated by the American flag. One cloud is outliney and the other one is volumetric-ish. I love combining different styles within the same overall image. Not sure whether or not the eventual high bidder got all that (I’m not really sure who that was) but it pleases me.

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