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Some recognition for my work

My contact at the Directory of Illustration has a blog about her work and other commercial art topics. She put up a post about my large exhibit image I did a couple of months ago. It’s always nice to have someone else want to show my work. I recently decided to advertise in the Directory for next year. It’s a big commitment because of the cost, but I’m serious about finding new work and bigger clients.

Click here to read the post.

a new look!

Hey everyone! My blog’s got a brand new look! So, if you’re reading this on Google Reader or some other kind of feed, click on over and see it! A special thanks to Kristina from One Happy Mama for helping me with it. Web coding and I do NOT get along very well. She helped me create my vision for it and I couldn’t have done it without her.


Detail from fabric designed by William MorrisWow. Closing down on the list. Finishing up a 20 pp. book with custom graphics and a search for imagery. Tons of type styling (closing up line spaces,…

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thank you sean

Today my friend Sean Holton passed away.  He was diagnosed with brain cancer 2 years ago and chronicled his battle in his blog Same Time Tomorrow with the same wit, humor and grace that he brought to the rest of his life. I urge you to read his blog. His incredible writing will touch you. His humor will make you laugh at a topic that you might think is impossible to be funny about.

I have known Sean since I was a little girl. He worked with my Mother for many years and was not only a family friend but he became part of our family. As an only child he’s the closest thing I had to an uncle. I admired him, looked up to him and like a little sister giddy to be spending time with her big brother  — I was always thrilled when I got to spend time with him.

A few weeks before his death I wrote Sean a letter. Just a little trip down memory lane. While I am not the amazing writer that Sean was,  this is from the heart. I am re-posting it here.


Dear Sean

I remember first meeting you when I was at mom’s office in Kansas City. Magnum PI was one of my favorite shows and you looked exactly like Tom Selleck with your mustache! My 8 year old self was completely star struck at your likeness to Magnum — I expected you to start running down a beach with two dobermans at any moment, music soaring in the background.

I remember lots of Kansas City Star parties and Burning Down the House playing on the stereo, everyone was dancing in the living room. I can not hear that song and not think of you.

Remember “Gossip Queen Abdicates”? What I would call the most witty, hilarious and touching story you wrote for my mom describing our Buick as pink (it was sand colored, ahem). When that car became mine, every time I drove it thought of you calling it a pink Buick and it would always make me giggle.

When I moved to DC, you helped me find an apartment and took me door to door until we found a place. Frantic phone calls were made to landlords, you even ran to help me get copies of the lease, all of this while the Oklahoma City Bombing was a breaking story, and you needed to be at the office. Thank you.

I looked so much forward to our “Melrose Monday’s” at Craig and David’s. I always cherished spending time with you guys and it was my highlight of every week. Remember how Craig would leave the vacuum out because he had spent so much on it he thought it should have a prominent place in the living room? I remember watching Babe the Pig while you declared it BBQ night. Going to see Sense and Sensibility at the Uptown theater in Cleveland Park. I can’t pass by The Dupont Italian Kitchen without thinking of you.

Thank you for giving a reading at our wedding. Thank you for your writing, your humor, your wit your awesomeness. You are the brother and uncle I never had, all wrapped into one.
I love you Sean.


To read Sean’s Blog Click Here
Sean’s Obit in the Orlando Sentinel
And for the journalists out there: Sean’s Half Assed Guide to Mediocrity

Studio Silkscreening Party – Bring Q to Guelph



Bring Q & Jian Ghomeshi to Guelph!

event: T-shirt Silkscreening at Downtown Studio! 

date: Saturday, December 3, 2-4pm 

location: Ballyhoo Media (studio of Candace Sepulis) 

123 Woolwich St. Suite 101, Downtown Guelph

organizer: Candace Sepulis

In further hopes to sway CBC host, Jian Ghomeshi, to bring his show to Guelph in February, artist Candace Sepulis, will be welcoming supporters to bring blank t-shirts to her studio at 123 Woolwich St. to silkscreen with her campaign graphic to further promote the event around town.

 In 2006, Sepulis welcomed youth voters to her studio for a similar event entitled, “Pierced, Political and Pissed Off, I vote” which was aimed at raise youth voter awareness and landed her and her iconic design on the front page of the Guelph Mercury. 

 Sepulis is a local illustrator/artist who’s work is well-known around Guelph from street banner illustrations, numerous art series depicting downtown buildings as well as many branding and marketing campaigns for downtown businesses. In 2011, Sepulis won the Woman of Disctinction Award for the arts & culture category.