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Jane Austen original portrait, watercolor and ink by Alice Flynn













NOW SOLD 12/7/11

This is the painting I created today, a small ACEO sized watercolor and ink portrait of Jane Austen.  It is for sale priced at $30 in my Etsy shop at this link CLICK.  I believe my version of Jane Austen’s countenance captures a younger Jane than most of the portraits one sees, and more like the girls who are characters in her novels.  I have also a portrait of Mr. Darcy in the Etsy shop, same size, same media.

In Jane Austen book news, the Seattle Times reports on “Jane Austen Made Me Do It”, a collection of Austenesque stories.


I’m putting up an older piece for this week’s Illustration Friday prompt, ROUND. I have so many… round moons, round suns, round the campfire… but I chose a holiday image of children dancing ’round the tree. When I painted this (watercolors and colored pencil), I called it “Dancing with the Stars.”
Now that a fun, family Thanksgiving has come and gone, I’m trying to move on to the the next holiday.


Here is a painting I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks.  I finished it up a couple of days ago.  What do you think?

I always wonder if people who are familiar with my fabric designs would recognize my paintings as being created by me.  There is definitely the same level of detail in the paintings as in the designs.  Yet often in the paintings I relax and let go a little more, at least in the early stages.  Once I get to the end, where I am adding the detail of the dots, I am as focused and precise as I can be.

I’m have a few more paintings in the works right now.  For some reason, I always return from Quilt Market with a strong desire to paint.  Maybe my creative brain just needs a change of pace, a step back from fabric and fabric design.  It is nice to step away from one way of creating and move to another, if even for a little while.  I have so many creative interests.  I can’t wait to share more of what I’ve been working on with you!

Some recognition for my work

My contact at the Directory of Illustration has a blog about her work and other commercial art topics. She put up a post about my large exhibit image I did a couple of months ago. It’s always nice to have someone else want to show my work. I recently decided to advertise in the Directory for next year. It’s a big commitment because of the cost, but I’m serious about finding new work and bigger clients.

Click here to read the post.

a new look!

Hey everyone! My blog’s got a brand new look! So, if you’re reading this on Google Reader or some other kind of feed, click on over and see it! A special thanks to Kristina from One Happy Mama for helping me with it. Web coding and I do NOT get along very well. She helped me create my vision for it and I couldn’t have done it without her.