25th Anniversay Walk-for-the-Animals T-shirt FOR SALE

WFTA Anniversay T-Shirt-01

2015 marks the 25th anniversary for the Humane Society of Broward County’s annual “Walk for the Animals†fundraising event. For something special I was asked to illustrate and design a commemorative T-shirt that will be sold on the day of the Walk (Feb. 28th, 2015).


Part of the fun of the “Walk for the Animals†is seeing the thousands of dogs all in one place. There are big dogs, little dogs, old and young, purebreds and mixed breeds. There are dogs in wagons and dogs playing Frisbee. The “parents†of all these pets are as varied as the dogs themselves. There are vendors of every type imaginable. I can’t say enough how much I look forward to attending, with or without my beloved dog.

There is only one condition, no cats allowed at the event (but the money raised does go for all the animals the HSBC cares for, not just dogs).

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