3D at Foire de Paris

3D at Foire de Paris

There are times when what I do for a living is really difficult.  Not only because the work can be so labor intensive, difficult, lonely (when traveling so much), but it is also amazing.  I dreamed of traveling  the world when I was young.  I dreamed of exploring, living, creating.  It’s funny how the universe hands you what you want…usually not how you envisioned it, but always what you asked for without even realizing it.

A few days ago, Julie, Amani, Remco, Luc, and I returned from Paris.  Julie, Remco, and I were there as We Talk Chalk, to install 3 10 x 18 foot paintings at the largest Expo in France, the Foire de Paris.  Wow…what a privilage to create for such a huge, international event…an american company, with two of it’s creatives being women, and with an opportunity to work in such an inspirational city.

A special thank you to Stephane and Patrick from LaSolution, Marsailles!

Kiss a Siren

Pilot for a Day

Nature Soars

Remmie and I were fortunate to be able to take a few extra days and travel to Holland to introduce Luc to the family.  Many of Remmie’s relatives have only seen him on skype.  (thank goodness for Skype)  Here are a few of my favorite pics…

Goat Farm!!!   Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands
AviFauna!!!  The Netherlands

In Brugge
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