3D Street Painting of Fountain

3D Street Painting of Fountain

I created this 3D street painting of a European fountain for a private event at the Universal Studios backlot yesterday.  The event had a European theme with Italian comedians, caricature artists, and wonderful Italian and French musicians.  

The entire painting took me just under 6 hours to complete and measured about 11 x 15 feet.  Unfortunately, the finish had to come after dark which is when the party began.  So, the bottom pic had to depend on the camera flash which didn’t quite reach the top of the fountain.  But, that’s me, 7.5 months pregnant, testing the waters 馃槈    
The process was pretty simple…the most difficult part was making sure the cherub at the top looked accurate with the stretching of the image.  And of course, after the sun went down, it was nearly impossible to see the colors, even with a spotlight.  Greens looked like blues and vice versa.  Luckily I just had the bottom of the broken asphalt and the word Providence to finish.  

I may be doing another one next week…stay tuned.

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