3D Street Painting, UK

From every angle it will be almost unrecognizable, a frenzy of abstract color gradations and smudges, but from just the right spot, a sultry showgirl will come to life. The image, titled ‘Special Delivery’ is Melanie Stimmell’s 3D street painting which she will create at The FRINGEMK International Pavement and Street Art Festival this July. Chosen from an international list of participants for her wonderful Renaissance style and captivating alabaster figures, Melanie will compete before an extimated 300, 000 visitors in Milton Keyes, England. The Pavement Art Festival takes place in the largest indoor space in Milton Keynes, Middleton Hall, from 12 – 16 July. This event combines technical brilliance and live performance art of 8 artists, including Stimmell, the only artist from the U.S., and will be a visual feast. The focus of the event is the ‘anamorphic’ technique, or 3 Dimensional drawings and paintings that create vast optical illusions.
I’m so excited to be traveling to the UK for FRINGEMK. I’ve designed a really fun image and am looking forward to chalking amongst incredible artists for this special event. Stay tuned for pics. But for now, I’m heading to La Jolla Arts Festival where I will be the featured chalk artist where the theme is illusions in art. So, I’ve designed another anamorphic piece titled “The Emergence of Art.” In addition to my street painting, I’ll also have a Fine Arts booth. I’ll be displaying several of my paintings and limited edition prints from my recent solo show, “Vessels of the Avant Garde.”

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