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…I feel very privileged and proud to be a part of the very last print issue of 3×3 Magazine.  I was called a few months ago by Charles Hively, the magazine’s publisher and invited to take one of the 6 ‘Spotlight’ sections which showcase a selection of work within a double page spread along with a 20 question interview.

How could I possibly turn down such an offer and I thank Charles and also Sarah for their tireless campaigning for the industry of Illustration.

The theme of the issue is Conceptual Illustration; the featured 3 (very deserving) artists are Aad Goudappel (who produced a wonderful cover) Harry Campbell and Beppe Giacobbe.

The 6 Spotlight Illustrators are: James Yang, Jim Reinfurt, Jon Krause, Anthony Tremmaglia, Jim Tsinganos and myself.

There is a profile on Art Director and Illustrator Matt Dorfman and also, my Reps, Vicki Morgan and Gail Gaynin encourage illustrators to be pro-active and realise their true worth in their ‘CareerTalk’ section.

Thank you to Charles and I wish him well and much success in his new ventures, along with 3×3 in it’s continued ProShow and Directory environments.

Paul Garland, 3x3 Magazine

Paul Garland, 3x3 Magazine

I am also very lucky to have my work on the back cover.  I had a conversation with Vicki and Gail and put it to them that it may be a good opportunity for promotion via MorganGaynin Inc – we had a chat and decided upon a re-working of a piece of work originally produced for Maria at the AltPick so I’d like also to thank both Vicki and Gail. (and I hope you like the re-working also Maria.)

Paul Garland, 3x3 Magazine, Morgan Gaynin Inc

Paul Garland, 3x3 Magazine, Morgan Gaynin Inc

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