5 Least Favorite Christmas Songs of All Time


  1. Little Drummer Boy
  2. My church worship band performs a version of this song that is “rockin.” Honestly I love, love my church, and it’s fun to see the drummer expressing worship in a special way, but no matter how rocking this song gets, it will always be super annoying.

    Plus it reminds me of Robert Goulet’s All Holiday Special, which is one of the worst things to think of when trying to restrain church giggling.

  3. Christmas Shoes
  4. I didn’t know this song existed for several years after it’s inception. Every time it plays I wish I could travel back to 2005 and never hear it for the first time ever.

  5. Last Christmas
  6. <

    Breathy, very breathy.

  7. Away in a Manger
  8. While the pious might criticize this song for the way it subtly suggests a baby’s crying as sinful, personally it just drives me nuts how songleaders feel so strongly this song should be sung at half-tempo and as quietly as possible.

    As far as I’m concerned, a whole congregation whispering in slow motion is like chalkboard fingernails.

  9. Mary did You Know
  10. Is this song known by those who don’t attend church? I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it playing at Kohl’s or anything. I’m guessing it is just too obnoxious even for holiday music stations.

    This song makes me very uncomfortable. Possibly because it is by far the sultriest tune ever performed in the very conservative, traditional, independent, fundamental Baptist church in which I was raised.

  11. Mom’s New Boyfriend
  12. This song doesn’t actually exist yet, I wrote it in my head while working on this post. Def among the worst holiday songs for sure, though.

  13. O Holy Night
  14. Sorry guys. I know this is one of the most-loved songs of all time. I have to admit, it is a pretty great song.

    However, it belongs in this list as long as people continue to attempt it for congregational singing. A roomful of individuals trying to keep up with the irregular melody and screeching for the high notes is about as painful experience Christmas carols can induce.

What are the songs you dread during the holidays?

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