A new artist joins the family….


It’s the Holiday season and gifts are given and gotten, and joy is all around!  We at CATugeau Artist Agency are so very excited and joyful to be adding a very special new artist to our family of ‘CAT Artists’ =  HOLLY HATAM!!!  A rep relationship is a gift given and received to both parties! Just announced today and we’ve received amazing  response  already for our Holly! Please do visit her images at:


Part of my personal pleasure in this event, and this entire past year, is that it was my daughter and partner Christy Ewers who found Holly and her fresh vibrant talent,  and convinced her that we were the family she should be part of.  We’re delighted – as are our other artists!  So we welcome HOLLY (will we always associate her with Christmas season!?   hope so…..)  A MERRY MERRY to one and all!

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