A NEW BEGINNING…using the old

Don’t you just love this time of year for new beginnings and promises?  Though it’s after the 15th so you might already be disappointed in the promises you haven’t kept. But each day is a new beginning…that builds and grows on the foundation of the old.

Recently I was catching up on some older PW’s I’d missed (promise to self) and keep seeing week after week, how the Children’s Publishing books are always on the plus side…they are basically carrying the publishing biz!  All year! Adult readership and buying is down across the board, but children’s and YA sales are up and up consistently!  So we don’t want to ‘start all over’ with this trend do we?  This is great and should inspire you all to add to the gains.

I also came upon a quote I’ve been wanting to share with artists and writers everywhere who might not have seen it….but do know of it’s truth.  It was from an indie book seller actually (sorry,  no name), about the book business generally. “It may not be a good living, but it’s a good life.”  So so true.  At the beginning of the new year we might want to reexamine why we are all in this business.  People who are artists of any sort know the difficulties and most often low financial rewards of their chosen fields, but they also know they want this ‘good life’.  The chance to add beauty and wisdom to the world in whatever their method and style.  It’s giving ‘back’ and ‘forward.’  It’s expressing the inner ‘you’ who won’t be silent.  There are so many ways to make a living.  Not so many to living a truly ‘good life.’  I’ve felt blessed to be an artist, and for 24 years a rep, and to pass this love and opportunity on to my son Jeremy, my daughter-in-law Nicole, and now my partner/ daughter Christy.  We’ll be sticking with the old and moving into the future together.

I wanted to also welcome our NEWIST artist to the agency… Holly Hatam from Canada!  We’re trilled to include her in our group/family and giving us all a boost to the future! I’ll close with a wintery image from Holly…. onward into 2015!

A NEW BEGINNING…using the old

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