A new Blog- A new world

Greetings! My apologies, but my first blog is all caught up in the arduous task of having a blog at all! Being more “old school minded” with both creativity and living, I can’t help but wonder if F.Scott Fitzgerald & Steinbeck had been subjected to navigating the labyrinth of blogging, (choosing a theme- picking their widgets ect- ) if they would have simply thrown in the towel, poured themselves 6 fingers of scotch and headed outside to a familiar grassy patch with pen & ink in hand. Choosing immediate satisfying creating over far-reaching techno productivity!

ImageAhhh…tempting, but then this blog is titled “Scratching&Clawing” so I must own up and persevere! Thinking of writing a blog, is I think like imagining riding a bike at 6. In your mind you see yourself gliding along effortlessly -like a swallow in flight -wind in your hair,-barely needing to grasp the handlebars. In reality I am still fumbling for the petals…so please bear with me as I learn to fly : ) Cheers Rebecca 

See full post here: Scratching and Clawing2013-07-11.