A preview from a little something I’m working on….

A preview from a little something I’m working on. I’m trying to square away my first show since moving to Brooklyn, so while I finalize that, I’m frantically trying to put some new pieces together. Here’s hoping I actually make the commitment to drink less and draw more (dubious proposition).

On another note: Brooklyn, Jawn (my new sketchblog/web comic) is live and you should check it out. There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter you can follow. I know that seems like overkill for something that only has one post so far, but I figured I’d go all out with the promotion. I know I have at least 2 month’s worth of content ready to go. There is a very slim chance I could make it super popular, so I’m taking that chance. The worst that could happen is I fail miserably.

I can live with that…

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