A Russian Iren

It’s a bright day today… so, on a brighter note, I’d like to share my experience at my bridal dress fitting yesterday. I promised I’d share this with you and, oddly enough, it was a funny situation.

I showed up for my appointment at noon with my mom and my sister. We walked in as one of the ladies guided me to the back dressing room. As I began to undress, a Russian lady, Nataly, walked in with a dress at its beginning stages on a hanger. She waited as I undressed and handed the dress to me as I began asking her questions about the dress and watched her nod her head as I realized she doesn’t speak any English. So, I stopped talking and stepped into my dress… and, as the dress reached my thighs, it stopped… it was too tight… so, I looked over at Nataly, smiled with an embarrassed look on my face and said, “Um, should I pull it up?” as I tried showing her what I meant. She came over and ripped the back stitchings to the dress and said, “Ok, NOOW!” As I felt more embarrassed, I pulled the dress up slowly and heard the stitches tear more… At this point, I wanted to dig a hole and get in… but, I kept my cool and said, “Ummm, I was supposed to go lose weight…. you know, skinnier… maybe I got fatter!?” Nataly, looked at the four inches of space between the material on my back and tried pulling it together as she said, “Uh, no there was meestake… not rrite… you get THIS FAT?” I began to laugh as I looked in the mirror thinking this has to be impossible… I haven’t gained four inches on my waist! Nataly left the room talking to herself, sounding confused and irritated as I kept looking in the mirror waiting for the dress to magically fit me somehow. A couple more minutes of humiliation passed, then, Nataly walked in with another dress in her hand as she said, “Ok, ok, no… thats another Iren… a Russian Iren… not for you… here yours is…”
So, my dress did fit and it’s on its way to turning into the dress for the most important day of my life. I wish she could have seen it, but, life goes on…

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