A Very Lucky Friday the 13th!

A Very Lucky Friday the 13th!

Well, I am VERY HAPPY to have some good news to report: I GOT A JOB! And on Friday the 13th too! Most people would consider this day an unlucky day, but I’d like to view this day as a lucky one!
Actually, it’s not really all about luck, but more like God answering my prayers! I’ve been praying for a new part time job for the past 3 months or so! I was starting to fall into a panic regarding my financial situation. All my accounts are pretty much overdrawn and bills are piling up on the table. I NEED this job, so Thank You God for hearing me on that one! God is always right on time.

I woke up this morning hoping that I would be getting a phone call before lunch, so I kept myself busy for a good part of the morning just so I wouldn’t be checking my phone every 5-10 minutes!
When lunchtime passed and I still didn’t hear the phone ring, I just continued to keep myself distracted and worked on some of my illustrations. When 3 o’clock hit and I still hadn’t heard anything the feelings of worry started to stir inside me. ‘What if I didn’t get the job?’…the question started bubbling in my head, but I didn’t really believe what I was thinking. I just kept telling myself that it was still early and that there was still plenty of time to get a call.
I ate a late lunch and when I was washing the dishes, that’s when the phone rang! (I almost didn’t hear it though!)
I sprinted from the kitchen to the living room (to get my phone) so fast, I think I left a puff of smoke behind me (like in the cartoons!).
When I answered the phone and the woman on the other end of the phone asked for me, a smile started growing on my face. Somehow I just knew that the phone call was going to be a good one! When she said the words’ “I’m calling because I would like to offer you the position…”, I blurted out “YES PLEASE!” with so much enthusiasm I think the woman on the phone could see my smile through the phone! 🙂
So I am now an employee at Crate&Barrel!! Yay! 🙂
My training starts on Wednesday, so I have this weekend to celebrate! When I went to tell my mom the good news, she was so happy for me she gave me the biggest and tightest hug.
I’m very happy right now. A major weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay my bills or what I’m going to do about money. *phew*

I know I’ll be happy working at Crate&Barrel, the minute I set foot in the store that first day to drop off my resume, I could totally see myself working there. Looks like that vision came true!

Anyways, that’s my happy news for the day! I must get back to work on my illustrations! I have a deadline to meet before the end of the month to get my submission for the Directory of Illustration done. The image above is the first part of 3 images that I plan to submit.
I’m hoping that signing up with the Directory of Illustration will get me the exposure I need, and help me get a good job in the illustration field.
We’ll have to wait and see what happens! Just gotta keep working hard 🙂

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