Finished up a 2’x 3′ commission piece of pirate-y goodness! I don’t normally work this large so this was a treat and a good experience!

some close ups…

and this weekend was our first overnight outing as a family. We took the boys to visit Sloan, Joseph and all our friends in Ventura. I hope the weekend made great memories for the boys… Mike and I were so proud of how well they did the whole time! Here’s Sloan and I dipping into the water…

Dylan playing at the water’s edge. I love how the light plays on the water.

And some more pirate-y goodness came when the Wench Fiona Hackaway of Ventura surprised the boys by stopping in for a visit! Thank you Fiona!!

I made this video for Michael. I was going to give it to him as a Father’s Day card… but instead I decided to just show him tonight. I realize you should tell and show the people around you how much they mean every opportunity you get. My love letter for you Hon…

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