Adventures in Book Cover Designs

Got a chance to work on some ebook covers recently and I have learned a lot. I hope that this post can be of some help to those out there struggling to figure out what they need their book designer to do.

After doing some considerable research at various e-pub sites (Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, B&N, Apple Publishing, etc) I think I found the most recent and up-to-date information. The standards are constantly changing and only as of this month, new standards at all 4 majors have been developed.  The good thing is they all seem to finally have a standard that will allow the designer to create one cover that will work on all of them.

I created the covers is a 1:6 ratio and made the original art at 1600×2560 300dpi which will work should it eventually also go to print. This keeps the options open for the author, I provided the author with final art sized at 1562×2500 (72dpi) which represents Amazon’s ideal specs as well as fitting in nicely with B&N , Smashwords, and Apple’s latest standards. As there are still many e-readers that take the 600×800 former standard, I also provided the author with colour and grayscale versions in that 1:33 ratio. It involved only some minor adjustments to the illustrations to make it work.

For the art, I selected colours for the titles that will  look good and cohesive together without all being the same colour. I took a font I found online that was free for commercial use at DaFont and tripped it out with sketchy drop shadows and dimension lines. Each cover had its own flavour – and yet they tied together with the same wonky font, a very simple black and white custom illustration, and the same author name on all of them.

And here they are:

and lastly…

my original art (shown below) for this last one I prefer from an artist’s perspective – however the author felt that this one above better suited the humorous nature of her stories. The important part was that she had covers that suited her books. Something that traditional publishers rarely get right or care much about. The advantage to getting a custom cover means you get exactly the look you want.

Call me, or email me if you would like me to do your book and/or ebook cover(s). I can do photo work too – or custom illustrations.

This is the author’s testimonial for my work:

“I was so pleased with Jo’s covers for my tween books Genie in a Laptop and That’s Cold and my teen books The Apocalypse Club and Teens in Space.  Jo created a branded look for me that perfectly suits my fun and hip (IMHO!) books.  She made sure she was working to the most up-to-date specs across all platforms, and was incredibly fast, without sacrificing attention to detail.  I highly recommend Jo for all your cover and design needs.”

Bev Katz Rosenbaum

Once the books are up and available, I will provide links so that you can read these fun books for yourself – or buy them for your teen or tween.  In the meantime, you can check out Bev’s website at to learn more.






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