The Directory of Illustration is proud to present an Agency Spotlight on four talented artists from IllustrationOnline, represented by Deborah Wolfe LTD: (Images: Clockwise from top left) Greg Copeland, David Moore, Nancy Harrison, and Dan McGeehan.

About the Artists: With their expert technique and experience, these artists cover a broad range of formats within the industry, and their individual styles help to create unique and unmistakable illustrations.

About the Agency: Deborah Wolfe LTD is a full service artists’ representative for internationally recognized, award-winning illustrators and animators. For over thirty years, they have handled everything from individual illustrations, large volume projects, large-scale installations, museum art, and complex animations. Clients include: the best in advertising, corporate design and publishing, as well as broadcast, film, web, apps, illustrated e-books and games.

David has worked in the business of illustration for some 25 plus years. He has a real penchant for the stylized illustrations of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Constantly stretching and growing in his craft, David has now taken that affinity to all things retro by updating, modernizing and exploding his images with color. When not illustrating, David can be found, well, illustrating. It’s what he loves to do most.

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Greg is an award-winning illustrator who specializes in portraiture, sports, and historical representation. Painting both digitally and traditionally, Greg can capture a moment in history with absolute beauty and wisdom. His work can literally leave you speechless.

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Nancy used to doodle on the walls with crayons, upsetting her parents. They are no longer upset as they see where her early squiggles have taken her. She’s a regular contributor to the NY Times bestselling WHO HQ series, at Penguin Books, which can now also be found as a TV show on Netflix. When not digitally painting, you can find her skiing, biking, and dodging the brown bears in her backyard.

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Dan’s art is filled with wit, whimsy and color. He has made a career of specializing in all things children for some 3 decades now. When not illustrating, Dan can be found writing, acting and directing in award winning plays. He brings all of that culture, drama, and experience into every illustration.