Mendola Art is a family-owned U.S.-based illustration agency founded by Joseph Mendola in 1960, before CGI, JPGs, fax machines or even FedEx! The agency continues to evolve and expand under the expert guidance of his two sons, Tim and Tom. Since the very beginning, Mendola Art has sought out the best talent from around the globe and has established relationships with the country’s top ad agencies, package design firms and toy companies. Whether their artists be masterful oil painters or innovative CGI animators, Mendola Art currently represents over 100 of the world’s most accomplished illustrators.

Below are four outstanding Mendola artists who are also Directory of Illustration members: Russell Benfanti, Kate Forrester, Dylan Jones, and Jeff Wack. Check out their portfolios by clicking on the images, and explore more work by Mendola artists here.


Russell Benfanti
Born in Buffalo, New York and educated as a graphic designer, Russell Benfanti is a self-taught as an illustrator. Russell has been creating iconic creatures, characters and designs for over 20 years. His work has been showcased all over the world in children’s books, as toys and on consumer products everywhere.


Kate Forrester
Kate Forrester specializes in hand-drawn lettering and illustrated designs for packaging, publishing, advertising and other commercial applications. She is constantly experimenting with her work and enjoys finding new ways to combine her love of type with illustration.

© Mikael Buck / Disney


Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones works out of his family-owned Jones & Co. studio in Cape Town, South Africa. With the help of his wife, who takes care of production at Jones & Co., Dylan produces character design work and editorial and vector illustration.


Jeff Wack
Jeff Wack specializes in digital airbrush and digital photography, his work appearing on billboards, movie posters, album covers, television and in print. Some of his clients include Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios and more.