All Aboard: T-Shirt Design for Buffalo Creek Vacations

Buffalo Creek Vacations was looking for a t-shirt design for young guests who stay in their train car caboose cabin while on vacation at their property which is located on a Bufflo Ranch.

They were looking for the first of the shirt to have a train engine with an engineering waving and “All Aboard” written in the design.

And on the back of the shirt, they requested a caboose with a friendly buffalo waving goodbye. So I got to work on creating some simple sketch concepts and we narrowed it down based on the two shown below.

Sketch Concept - Shirt Front

Sketch Concept – Shirt Front

Sketch Concept - Shirt Back

Sketch Concept – Shirt Back

With the sketches approved I then moved onto the inking/outline work.

Buffalo Creek Shirt Front.jpg
Buffalo Creek Shirt back.jpg

After the outline work was completed it was time to work on the limited color scheme. The client had requested the use of reds and yellow in for the design. They also asked to have the location included on the back of the caboose, and to include the slogan “I Slept in a Caboose!” on the back as well. Finish full color art shown below.

Buffalo Creek Shirt Colors 01-01.jpg
Buffalo Creek Shirt Colors 02-02.jpg