King Raze – The Monsterlings
2017 Copyright Joseph A. Wraith

   My brain, my brain, my brain, it wont let me go to sleep.  It just keeps me awake giving me all of it’s so-called plans and demands. It’s always telling me what to do like I don’t have a choice. “Hey you, get up I got an idea!” It says to me at 3:30 am.  Well I wont take it anymore!  I’m going to build a wall around it and it’s going to be beautiful, and I’m going to make all my bad ideas pay for it!  I wont let anymore wild and crazy ideas in unless they are extremely vetted of course.  Especially at 3:30 am.  I just wont stand for it!

  If only being a Hyper-creative were that easy.  It’s a persistent problem that I actually enjoy, yet hate at the same time.  I enjoy the fact that creative ideas flow through my head all times, I just wish they wouldn’t wake me up at 3:30 am gnawing and clawing at my skull for freedom.

Ok, so I created a new Monsterling character to go with the continuing story of these little guys.
The little monster above is a Grubling named Raze, in fact he is King Raze. King of all Grublings, mostly because he made the other Grublings and now sort of controls them.  He also can control insects and can turn a beautiful flowered garden into a fetid swamp with his green toxic nuclear fireball that he spits from his mouth, yea it’s pretty gross.

  Here is a test clip of his animation.

  Anyway, he’s quite the bad guy in the Monsterlings’ story, and you will meet many more characters over time as I present this project and continue to work on it.

  So back to drain the brain of a few more new ideas and then it’s off to work.

  Keep those ideas flowing and don’t let sleep, food, or even an outside-the-skull life get in the way of a good creative brain drain.