Anni Betts just finished illustrating a brand new project that will have you making art in no time!

Origami is a beautiful new book filled with origami papers that were created by Anni and published by UK publisher Usborne Books.

For the book, Anni created 28 patterns, in several colors each. Origami’s cover folds out and shows you how to fold five different origami shapes, and each page tears out of the book easily with a solid color on the back that coordinates with the colors in the pattern.

In order to provide lots of options, Anni created a mix of abstract patterns and more representative ones. She also worked with one big master color palette for the whole book, so if you created a whole menagerie of origami animals, they would all have a little something in common.

How cool!

The book will officially be available in August, but for now, check out some shots below.

Great work Anni!