Another iPad Doodle

Jeepers, it didn’t look this green on the iPad.

In the past, during idle moments on the job, I’ve drawn a lot of heads on sticky-notes, and then I’ve used those drawings to wrap up my chewed gum. Well, I’ve put away my sticky-notes and I’m trying to draw on the iPad instead. You can’t use ipad drawings to dispose of your Wrigley’s; although you can stick your gum onto the screen — in the upper corners — and chew it again later, if you don’t let it dry out too much!

This doodle was done using an app called “Procreate.” Not the best name for an app, but it is a nifty drawing program. It’s about 5 bucks, and I have no tolerance for anyone who might say that it’s too expensive. If it’s not 99 cents, people cringe, but it’s less than the price of a cheap drawing pad! You even get to use a few layers, which is like a drawing pad with sheets of tracing paper included. And you NEVER run out of paper or paint. Or pencil. A hellacious bargain by any measure!

Yeah, so this drawing’s not all that hot, but I’m keeping it quick and simple. I fought the urge to change the color and fix it up in photoshop. I don’t want to try to turn all of my crummy doodles into precious things. This one could do with some attention, tho.

Anyway. The ENd.

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