For this Artist Spotlight, we’d like to introduce Amalia Restrepo! Represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency, Amalia has an MFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design. Amalia views illustration as a universal language that allows her to express underlying messages, where Amalia creates artwork with the intention of both understanding and connecting with different realities. The majority of her work explores the role of “extremes” in creating compelling graphics, which has stimulated an interest in testing how much she can push an image’s boundaries in terms of proportion, scale, unusual combinations, and the usage of nonsensical scenarios in conveying creative concepts.

Amalia aims to develop artwork that evokes dreams, magic, nostalgia, and a sense of strange familiarity that allows viewers to be transported back to life’s most memorable moments. Amalia’s unique style has made her name well-known in the Global Illustration industry, attracting some of the largest Art Director names in Editorial, Advertising, and Design. For more illustration samples by Amalia Restrepo, check out her portfolio or website!