Every day, the brilliant team at BluBlu Studios creates compelling, story-driven animations and illustrations. The studio has worked with many international companies, TV stations, agencies, start-ups and publishers, producing animated commercials, premium explainer videos, animated series, shorts and illustrations for both digital and print. Their extensive client list includes Nickelodeon, IKEA, Forbes, Microsoft, Subaru, TEDx, European Athletics and many more. We’re thrilled that they’ve joined the Directory of Illustration!

Check out some of their illustration work below:

The award-winning BluBlu Studios is based in Warsaw and Tokyo and excels under the leadership of Executive Producer/Director Jacob Kurek. We had the pleasure of interviewing Jacob about his background, the type of work BluBlu Studios specializes in, their exciting new project for Sensei and more. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible studio and its equally impressive team!

Directory of Illustration: Can you tell me a bit about your background and your current role at BluBlu Studios?

Jacob Kurek: I’m the founder, executive producer, creative director and CEO at BluBlu Studios – international, award-winning boutique animation studio. I’ve been responsible for the realization of more than 300 video and animation productions for multiple international brands (from web startups to Fortune 500 companies), non-profit organizations, production houses, and renowned ad agencies.

Currently, I focus on creating premium explainer videos, and animated ads for American, Australian, Asian, and European markets.

My primary goal is to help ad agencies, brands, and publishers to create outstanding animated videos. I’m also the producer and director of numerous projects of the studio. My drive is to build a company I would personally love to work at.

DOI: What kind of work does BluBlu Studios produce/specialize in?

JK: We started as an animation studio that specializes in animated explainer videos, but in time we started to work on short videos, animated ads, video series, and all things related. No matter if it’s a start-up, international corporation or a state institution, we are always looking for the best ways to share their message in a beautiful animation.

DOI: What is your favorite type of project to work on?

JK: One might say that those more complex and challenging projects are the best to work on. That’s true, but we think the best projects are those that come from the heart. We love to work with people truly engaged in the process. We are aware that sometimes our clients don’t necessarily know how the production process looks like and what do they want to see – that’s why they reached to us in the first place. Or maybe there’s a creative agency, full of inventive people, that wants to work together. What’s important to us is to see how excited they are for the project. Exchanging ideas, working on something together and then celebrating when we can wrap it up is the most fascinating aspect of the production process.

If we’d have to choose, creating outstanding animated explainer videos or animated ads is what we love the most.

DOI: Are there any exciting projects BluBlu Studios is currently working on or has recently completed?

JK: Each day in our studio is like a little adventure. We’ve just wrapped up a fantastic animation for Sensei – one of the hottest startups in the US. In the meantime we’re working on the series of nature/scientific animations for our partners from Sweden and on a commercial for a famous fragrances producer. What’s more, recently our team flew to Bangkok to take part in the production of the commercial we are making animation to, which is an American-Singapore-Polish co-production. It was a great opportunity for us to exchange our creative ideas directly and to develop animation style while being – literally – behind the scenes of the whole process. But what’s even more important – we are most excited for the future and what it will bring. On daily basis, we work on explainer videos for every type of business and create ads and animated series for such clients as Macmillan Publishers. Each project is unique and special. No matter if we explain how the product or service works or educate young viewers.


Check out BluBlu Studios’ stunning motion work below, including their newly completed animation for Sensei. Explore their portfolio for additional work, and visit the BluBlu Studios website to learn more!