For artist Christian Dellavedova, we decided to do both an artist spotlight, and a job showcase!

Based out of Milan, Italy, Christian specializes in editorial and conceptual illustration. In his own words: “I decided to be an illustrator simply because it was the deepest call of my life. Translating a story in a single image was always for me the most exciting challenge.”

He has worked with a variety of publications throughout the years, and has also helped agencies worldwide with many important advertising campaigns. In addition to being a regular contributor to the political Italian magazine Internazionale, Christian has worked with a number of international clients, including Scientific American, The Boston Globe, Men’s Health, Wired UK and many more.

Dellavedova was recently commissioned by Internazionale to illustrate a web article about the closing of independent bookstores in Rome. The article tries to point out the main factors responsible: bigger bookstore competition, web distribution, and the low foresight of the bookstores itself. Christian was asked to come up with a colorful and funny concept to illustrate the article, and the images were rendered in Adobe Illustrator using a simple color palette, while adding some textured elements. See this work below!

To see more work by Christian Dellavedova. view his portfolio!