For this artist spotlight, we’d like to bring your attention to Miracle Studios!

Miracle Studios specializes in developing comic art, where their main areas of expertise include creating comic strips, comic books, comic pop art, web games, and animation.

Some notable clients include Coca-Cola, Walmart, Hasbro, Tyson, McDonalds, Wallstreet Journal, Wired magazine, and Mens Health!

Terry Tidwell and his group of experienced illustrators have been creating great comics for years. The main goal of Miracle Studios is storytelling!  For advertising, they can craft a narrative about a product, service, and even the nature and history of a company. In the age of lightning fast attention spans, Miracle believes that comic books and strips keep an audience engaged with dynamic interplay between the text and the art- even a single full-page illustration can tell a great story.

Check out more work by Miracle Studios here!