Warning: do not read this blog post if you’re hungry—because these irresistibly delicious illustrations by Matthew Holmes will make you want to lick your screen!

Matthew is a freelance commercial artist and illustrator who has been a Directory of Illustration member for over 10 years. Initially drawn to a career in architecture, Matthew eventually found his calling in commercial art. He now specializes in both traditional and digital media, his impressive photo-realistic style perfect for editorial and advertising.

Read our Q+A with Matthew Holmes and check out a sampling of his work below. Explore his portfolio for more delectable illustrations!

Directory of Illustration: Can you tell us a little about your background and what inspired you to pursue a career in illustration?

Matthew Holmes: I initially felt I wanted to follow a career into architecture. But fortunately, while in the early phases of my college life, I managed to get a job in an architectural firm and quickly discovered the romance of the job clashed with the realities. Realizing architecture was not the job for me I cast about for what other opportunities there might be. I discovered almost by chance the field of Commercial Art and quickly realized this was the career I was meant for. Working for another illustrator for 2 years early on was invaluable to me as I received real world experience before beginning my freelance career.

DOI: Your work seems to consist mainly of food and beverage illustrations. What drew you to those subject matters in particular?

MH: The nature and subject matter of my illustrations have evolved over the span of my career. While I happily and enthusiastically tackle illustrations of a mechanical or non-organic nature, the bulk of my workload consists of food and food-related imagery and it’s what most of my clients know me for. It’s been a great career and without fail I have loved the clients and people I’ve worked with.

DOI: Do you have any new or exciting projects you’d like to share?

MH: As for new or exciting projects, I have to say every project I work on has its own unique demands and all of them are uniquely exciting.