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ARTISTS AGAINST POLICE VIOLENCE [ facebook | twitter | instagram ][Call for Submissions]

In light of the upcoming protests across the country, we are calling all artists across the US and the world to rise up against anti-Black police violence. We are launching an online grassroots space of graphic & illustrative resources to be used by communities and individuals who fight against police murders of Black people. It will feature a diverse collection of hi-res images to use in protests, social media, the streets, and the movement towards accountability and justice.

We want art that is conscious, urgent, tender, grieving, raging, empowering and intersectional. When the language that white supremacy and anti-Blackness have given us fails, we must rise with our broken tools and forge a new visual language toward justice. Join us in the collective cry that Black lives matter.

We encourage Black and POC artists, especially female, disabled, queer, and/or trans artists, to submit. Given the nature of the project, we would like to center and feature Black artists primarily, and we invite NBPOC and white artists to name their racial identities in their submissions.

We encourage all 2D images that can be stenciled or printed as a flier or banner, but we also look forward to including mediums such as sculpture, film, installation, and performance art.

Please include:
– Artist’s name. Website and social media handles optional.
– Short description of piece optional.
– Downloadable 300dpi file for public use. (Email or attach a link in your submission to a 300 dpi jpeg image.)
– 2000pixel width minimum

We will credit all artists and link back to your work. By submitting, you are granting the full permission for your work to be shared and downloaded for free and to be used for protests, activism, social media and beyond.

You can submit via the form on our submissions page, send us a post to reblog, or email your work as attachments to:

Let us know if you have any comments or if you are interested in getting involved!

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