I recently created some figures to be used in a Navy promo video that was spearheaded by Men’s Health. Some of the figures were used in the video, and some were used in animated GIFs within an online article.

The “Did You Know” aspect mostly dealt with training requirements, but there are also facts that range how many calories a battleship crew consumes to how pilots train blindfolded to how much a full SEAL gear setup weighs. Needless to say, Navy SEALs need to be in peak condition!

This was new experience for me as I had to create each figure as layers of jointed limbs in order to be animated, and I also had to keep the details simple as the figures were to be small when viewed. There was also a huge amount of research to put into the uniforms and gear for accuracy.

I’m not showing sketches in this post as the assignment was pretty straightforward (i.e. draw a guy doing pushups), and the finals closely reflect the sketches.

Here is the video clip on the Men’s Health site. Sadly, the animated article is no longer available:

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