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Book Giveaways!

Hello beautiful souls~ I’ve decided to launch a few Goodreads Giveaways for three of my books. Please feel free to enter! Winners will receive a signed copy!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Unicorns & Pixie Dust

by Brandy Woods

Giveaway ends July 31, 2017.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Book Giveaways!

Brother Wolf

by Brandy Woods

Giveaway ends July 31, 2017.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Book Giveaways!

La Naissance du capteur de rêves

by Martine Latulipe

Giveaway ends July 31, 2017.

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#1 Podcast Ratings! :D

As some of you may know, I’ve had the honor of illustrating various real-life stories from Dr. Kelly Schutz’s Paranormal Encounters book series.  (More info can be found here about ordering copies, or you can search on Amazon.)  I recently also had the honor of being invited to do an interview on her Podcast radio show. I’m told that this particular episode of the podcast has almost exceeded the #1 episode she’s had before she started broadcasting! That’s amazing! #1 Podcast Ratings! :D  (Want to help us make that one even more popular, guys?)

Permalink is here:‘>

It is absolutely free to listen, download, or subscribe. This show has also aired on the Para-X Radio Network. #1 Podcast Ratings! :D

I discuss a few encounters I’ve had with spirits over the course of my life and also talk about my spirit art and soul portraits, as well as future projects. Give it a listen!
(Yes, that one book is titled ‘My Enemy’s Head’. No, I don’t have anyone in my sights. It’s a Viking Age historical novel. XD )

Essence: Ace of Swords


Hello everyone, and welcome to Spirit Song Art, for the International Tarot Day Blog Hop!’>‘>‘>“>Queen of Cups. Welcome, welcome! Pull up a cushion and get comfy. Essence: Ace of Swords

Brief introduction! My name is Brandy Woods. Illustrator, Reiki healer, shamanic practitioner, spirit and soul artist… I’m originally from Louisiana but I’ve been living near Montreal in Canada for the past 7 years. Essence: Ace of Swords  I do channeled artwork, among other things, so I figured the best way for me to proceed with the Ace of Swords would be to channel an image of its essence for you all. To start with, I went through a few of my decks and pulled my favorite representations of the card from each of them to use as a ‘focus’. I do this with crystals sometimes for my soul portraits.

Essence: Ace of Swords




From left to right, my inspirations: the Ace of Swords from the Shadowscapes Tarot, Norse Tarot, and the Starchild Tarot.




Essence: Ace of Swords



I put myself into a mentally clear, meditative state, lighting incense and going with an intuitive pick of what Spirit preferred I use as mediums for this particular piece, to best enhance its energies. In this case, it was eggshell-colored pastel paper, and pastels. I focused in on the energy of the three ‘sample’ cards, and began to draw.

When I channel artwork, I will sometimes seem images in my mind’s eye to be drawn, and sometimes I will even ‘see’ them on the paper directly. It’s a very spontaneous, intuitive process, and I never plan anything beforehand, so it’s always a surprise what’s going to come out of my pencil! I also never erase, even if I make a ‘mistake’; erasing seems distrustrful of Spirit, and sometimes ‘mistakes’ are precisely the lessons we need to learn, or the path we need to take.

Essence: Ace of Swords

9 x 12″ pastels on paper | © Brandy Woods 2017


Essence: The Ace of Swords stands for the great, unspoken potential of a new beginning. (New beginnings, too, must always come from the ending of something, even if that something is perceived as negative…) Its power can be used to ‘cut’ either way, for good or for ill, and it is up to the bearer to find a way to use the power of the intellect for the greater good. As with the weapons of old, bravery is called for. Perhaps you need courage to start a new business or new relationship. Perhaps you need courage to stand up for a cause you believe in. Truth. Justice. Fortitude. Mental force. Clear understanding. A challenge. Look for situations that could use resolving, and begin the steps to take care of them now. Reversed, it can stand for lack of clarity or uncertainty about your goals. Having clouded judgement and missing out on information that might be pertinent to you — take the time to consider your decisions more carefully, and if you can, get an objective viewpoint from someone you trust!


I hope you all have been enjoying this blog hop! Please see Oephebia’s Tarot Academy at for the next amazing blog in the hop. Thank you for reading!

Incidentally, the original of this piece – 9 x 12″ on pastel paper – is available for purchase for 90$ USD plus shipping. Drop me a note if interested!

Still in Earth School! ;)

I apologize for the delay in another blog post! Time escaped from me… I went to visit my family for Christmas, stayed for a wonderful 6 weeks, came back and have been busy with working on my video game project (‘Love Eden’ from Darkrelic Entertainment, Inc) and several contracts for children’s books… The picture is one I finished in December, a French children’s book on the birth of the dreamcatcher… it arrived in a box yesterday, and I was all excited and surprised, since I didn’t expect it to be released for another 6 months. 4 more books in publishing process… 1 other in French, and 3 in English. Ahhhh, my dream of illustrating books is very much a dream come true. I’m loving it!

In other news I shall be participating in the 2017 International Tarot Day Deck, doing four — yes, four! — cards. Knights of Swords, Pentacles and Wands, and the Page of Wands, as well. Further information can be found here:‘>

Review – Daily Spiritual Practice Planner

So, I recently became aware of the existence of My Daily Spiritual Practice Planner for 2017, from Rory & Scout. (You can get yours here, but only until Dec. 12th! ) I already keep a journal, and don’t consider myself much of a ‘planner’ person (I keep To Do lists, but don’t hold myself to a timeline…) but at the same time I was intrigued, and I had a free shipping coupon, so I figured, why not? ;D

It arrived today, with a free quartz crystal no less, so I’ve had a little time to peruse it and here’s what I think:

Overall, it’s a nice size and the cover is a nice lavender and soft to the touch (and boy is it hefty! It’s gonna stay on the desk; I sure won’t be traveling anywhere with it… just taking out pages.) There’s pouches on the inside covers for Stuff, and I’m not sure what will go there yet, apart from the included info cards.

The pages themselves are allllmost fountain-pen-friendly (yes, this was my first order of importance, hahaha.) Tiny bit of show-through on the back of the pages but definitely tolerable. It came with a Papermate but that will go into the kitchen pen cup. Review – Daily Spiritual Practice Planner

Review – Daily Spiritual Practice Planner ~ Review – Daily Spiritual Practice Planner ~  Review – Daily Spiritual Practice Planner

There’s a lot of info and blanks on each page. I love the Gratitude List section, as keeping a daily list is something I’ve been wanting to get back to, but haven’t. (It’s one of the things that sold me on the planner.) Like most planners, there’s a section for Today’s Schedule and a To-Do list. Apart from that, we have a small section for Dreams (waaaaay too small, really, except I already keep a separate notebook on my nighttable for that purpose…), daily/weekly intentions, a section to write how you intend to feel that day, a suggestion for a Tarot/oracle card draw and space to note the cards and (extremely briefly) the message, and a Notes section. Each day also has a different mantra, meditation or mindfulness practice, or suggestion for a crystal or essential oil to work with, and to note your results or reactions. Using the notes section to keep track of a keyword from your spiritual guides might also be interesting… shame there’s no room for a little blank square to doodle images in. Review – Daily Spiritual Practice Planner

As noted, there’s not a huge amount of space (especially if your handwriting tends to the larger side) but it makes a good jumping-off point for journalling, imo, and a tiny, daily bit of spiritual practice as one wishes. (Let’s face it, even the most dedicated among us are probably not going to do a 12-card spread and write 5 journal pages every single day…) Overall, I’m looking forward to starting to work with this planner, and looking back over it over the course of the year to see how my intuition has developed might be interesting. It was indeed a little on the pricey side for someone who doesn’t really use a planner, but I guess that’s part and parcel of a self-published book with custom leatherette covers. Overall, it’s very nicely constructed, can’t fault that.

Here’s to the New Year!”>Aura Readings, too…)

Drums & Dreams

The newest medicine drum.

Alliteration. Yeah. Yeah, I just did that. ;D

Things have been wonderfully busy-busy since my last post! Spirit art clients are picking up (I actually have a backlog, now! Drums & Dreams ) I will get to all of you wonderful souls as soon as humanly possible ~ thank you so much for your trust in me!

I’m working daily on my freelance contract for the game, which is actually a lot of fun. I’ve wanted to work on a game since I was a kid, enraptured with my NES… Around 1998-2001 I hung around in on IRC and made some friends and played with making a few personal games in RPGMaker98, so I had the theory and experience down, at any rate, but this is the first time I’m getting paid for it. w00t! Drums & Dreams

I’m also crafting… well… last night I just finished making a drum, the one from my post entitled ‘Giving Birth’. Still need to do the final touches, eg., the matte varnish to help protect it, and doing a final smudging and blessing. And then I get to hold it and cuddle it until November, before it goes to its new home. I’m exceedingly happy with the way this one turned out, a perfect harmony of drum and beater and hide. It’s going to make a lot of Good Medicine.

Additionally, last week I dropped off three paintings for a local exhibition at the Global Art League in Montreal:


Drums & Dreams Drums & Dreams Drums & Dreams


…and I’m needing to poke Dawson again for more details, as I was also accepted to a First Nations exhibition at the college, for early November.

I had a wonderful validation the other day, as well, when a client confirmed my reading; I’d sensed that the person was a healer, and that the gift had been inherited from their grandfather. I received a letter back saying that they were a Reiki practitioner and indeed had suspected that this was inherited from their grandfather! I did a little happy dance — validation is wonderful when you’re just starting out as a medium (…am I a medium? I’ve always felt more like a shaman, but in a sense the two of them can kind of overlap…) and hearing peoples’ reactions is always the best part for me.

In other news, I want to extend a huge thank-you to Amanda Linette Meder for featuring me in her community newsletter!

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Ravyn Phelan’s Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Oh my gosh-ness. OMG. How much change one day can bring.

So I did do the reading, using the deck above — the Dreams of Gaia tarot (not actually a tarot deck). I’ve used the deck twice, counting this time, and both times it’s called me out. I asked why the weekend had gone the way it did, and it gave me cards about an imbalance between mind and body, ‘thoughts’ (echoing that first card), ‘a time of sharing’ which also dealt very strongly with ‘responsibility to children’… On Saturday I was aided by my stepdaughter, and that was probably the most in-depth we’ve talked in a while… and ‘accept that you will falter’ and ‘just be you’ and not holding oneself up to an impossible ideal. I mean, dude, called out by a deck of cards. Miracles

This morning I managed to snag a Breyer horse I’d been wanting, for way less than retail. And I’m informed that my French-test-for-Canadian-residency results came in at B2 — precisely where I needed to be.

In my first month’s membership, I won a free consultation with Amanda Lynn Meder. Spirit must really want me to get a reading done!

Two people inquired about soul and spirit guide portraits.

And then I got a wolf sounds CD in the mail, along with a big box of crystals from Sage Goddess.

And at 4pm I was officially hired for a freelance job working on an indie game. Following a few intuitive prompts during the Skype interview, I totally hit it off with the boss lady.

Man. Today restored my trust in Spirit. So, so grateful.

My Adventures at the Psychic Fair

…Well, sortof. It was technically a salon/exposition. With lots of different sellers and booths and services, and, for some bizarre reason, a tattoo guy was set up next to me.

Look at all the pretties!!

A few months ago I took a major leap of faith and reserved a table at Le Salon Entre 2 Mondes (‘The Exposition Between Two Worlds’, for those of you who don’t speak French). At the time I didn’t know how I was going to get there (over an hour and a half away by public transit, and I would have to rent a car for the weekend — which would cost just as much as the table — and I would have to drive in the city, something I’ve never done) …or how I would man the table alone, or who would be able to help me, or if I could even do the show in French, cause while I understand it pretty well and speak almost as decently, there’s always been a confidence issue, there, nevermind that I’ve been in Quebec for 6 years now. Anyways. Lots of fears and uncertainties. Leap of faith. Taken. Table reserved and paid for.

Then almost two weeks ago I catch a cold. Which turns into some sort of sinus infection, worst 1-2 days before I need to go pick up said car. Cue panic attacks, cause here’s me trying to figure out a price list and get things ready and be able to concentrate to drive and I can barely think straight due to drugs and congestion. Always fun. On Thursday I had the worst sinus pressure evar. I was vaguely decent on Friday for the setup. Saturday I was almost ok. Still congested here on Monday, though. Car has been returned. And my head was killing me last night. (Base of skull, which isn’t that a major seat of power in shamanism? That thought made me go hmmmm. I might need to schedule a session with ‘my’ shaman soon…)

I made all of one transaction over the entire weekend, which I am grateful for (thank you so much, J!!) and I’ll upload those spirit guide portraits soon, but I’m left wresting with the ‘why’s of everything. ‘I took a leap of faith’. ‘I thought this is what I was supposed to be doing’. ‘Nobody noticed me’. ‘Were my prices too high? But I’m worth that.’ And just a general, great big ‘WTF, Spirit?’ I guess in a sense it was a triumph for me to even go there and put myself out as ‘Ok, I’m here, I’m intuitive, this is my gift and I put it out for the world to see!’ …but at the same time I’m wondering what went wrong, because that seemed like my perfect market. I had more interest when I was doing a session at Pierres D’Ailleurs (see that blog entry here) with random people off the street. Not only did two people actively ask me what I was even offering, cause my table was so ‘random’, but that little Quetzalcoatl statue on the table broke, no less. And nobody seemed interested in the soul portraits. So I shall have to sit down and do a card reading for myself this afternoon, see if I can work through this and figure out what the next step is.

My wonderful mother insists that it’s just a detour or speedbump because I’m on the right path. I’ll see what the cards say.

Ok, so I got to talk to some very nice people, and everyone was vastly impressed by the feathers (they always seem to be an eye-catcher) but… not remotely how I expected my weekend go to.

Everything on ze table & back wall is still for sale, if anyone is interested in ‘adopting’. My Adventures at the Psychic Fair  I also have two unpainted drums that I didn’t finish in time to bring with me — in addition to the Elen of the Ways drum displayed there, that special lady that was born on last Halloween during the full moon, when the veil was thin. It’s a faerie shaman drum, that one.

Here’s the two others up for adoption; they can be painted with what the drum itself wants, or your own vision, or a combination. If the drum calls to you, I can do an intuitive artwork for you which will make it very special:

My Adventures at the Psychic Fair    My Adventures at the Psychic Fair

At left: 15″ horse and cedar. At right: 13″ bison and willow oak. The bison seems to want White Buffalo Calf Woman medicine painted on it.