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“O Wind, Take Me To My Country” the final 3-story…

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“O Wind, Take Me To My Country†the final 3-story...

“O Wind, Take Me To My Country” the final 3-story #mural featuring a portrait of Sudanese-migrant poet @safiamafia for @opositivefest painted with assistance from @jiazilla . This mural is painted in solidarity and celebration with our millions of migrant mothers & sisters and animals of the sea and sky crossing borders, oceans and deserts in search of home every year. Why are humans policed when our dinosaur and bird ancestors are not? Does the ocean and Earth not embrace us the way it does the animals and plants? If so, every border drawn is an unnatural act of violence against the Earth and ourselves. “O Wind, Take Me To My Country” is partially inspired by Safia’s poem which notes “the arabic word هواء (hawa) means wind / the arabic word هوى (hawa) means love…
fairouz said o wind, take me to my country / fairouz said o love, take me to my country.” 📷 by @halopigg 🐱thank you to @artbar_gallery @okaekimberly and everyone else for making the #opositive experience unforgettable and for making my first big wall possible. #womanartist #streetart #publicart #artistofcolor #kingston #artistsoninstagram (at ARTBAR Gallery)

More painting progress with @jiazilla of this #mural ft….

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More painting progress with @jiazilla of this #mural ft....

More painting progress with @jiazilla of this #mural ft. Sudanese-migrant poet, @safiamafia (Safia Elhillo) celebrating migrant women and migrating birds crossing oceans in search of home. The composition is inspired by this line in Safia’s poem: “Fact: the arabic word هواء (hawa) means wind / the arabic word هوى (hawa) means love… oum kalthoum said: where the wind stops her ships, we stop ours or oum kalthoum said: where love stops her ships, we stop ours.” 🌊
📷 Kimberly Kae, @opositivefest (at ARTBAR Gallery)

“O Wind Take Me To My Country” ✨ a new painting for…

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“O Wind Take Me To My Country†✨ a new painting for...

“O Wind Take Me To My Country” ✨ a new painting for the show #BrownDontDrown opening tomorrow at @17frostgallery 6pm curated by @savage_habbit 🌬This painting features brown Sudanese-Migrant poet, @safiamafia and a visual meditation of her poem “Vocabulary” which notes “the arabic word هواء (hawa) means wind /
the arabic word هوى (hawa) means love.” 🌊The title, “O wind, take me to my country / O love, take my to my country” are lyrics from Fairouz’s songs. Migration is a kind of time travel fueled by wind, and the love songs of our motherlands are carried across oceans in the voice boxes of migrant mothers and daughters. ✨
#art #painting #safiaelhillo #jessxchen #justseeds #migration #ships #ocean #watercolor (at 17 Frost Gallery)

Painting a mural of Sudanese, migrant poet @safiamafia for…

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Painting a mural of Sudanese, migrant poet @safiamafia for...

Painting a mural of Sudanese, migrant poet @safiamafia for @opositivefest on Broadway in Kingston, NY. Thank you @jiazilla for coming in this adventure with me to honor migrant women, migrating geese & refugees and for all your help. Thank you to everyone in the neighborhood bringing us food and all the #OPositive crew for making this process so easy and enjoyable. More soon. ❤️✨ also thank you @goldenpaints for sponsoring the mural, you’re my favorite type of paint ever 🎨 . #artistsoninstagram #migration #publicart #kingston #mural (at ARTBAR Gallery)

heterogeneoushomosexual: SOLASTALGIA: A Queer Eco-Feminist…

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SOLASTALGIA: A Queer Eco-Feminist...


SOLASTALGIA: A Queer Eco-Feminist Poetry Tour featuring the transdisciplinary works and performances of Chinese-American migrant artist Jess X. Chen and Indigenous Diné artist Demian DinéYazhi’ founder of RISE: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment. Through poetry and public art, their work embodies the form of time travel and recalls narratives of queerness, love, trauma, fantasy, and survivance. Their work is a reclamation of inherited lands, ancestors, and cultures lost to post-apocalyptic colonial violence. Through poetry they create indigenous and immigrant futures in the time of our current ecological collapse.

Demian DinéYazhi is a Portland-based transdisciplinary artist born to the clans Naasht'ézhí Tábąąhá (Zuni Clan Water’s Edge) & Tódích'íí'nii (Bitter Water) of the Diné (Navajo). His work is best understood through the lens of curatorial inquiry, zine production, street interventions, education, workshops, and art production. Demian’s artwork and writing is a continual inquiry into Radical Indigenous Queer Feminist ideology and has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally. He received his BFA in Intermedia Arts from PNCA, where he received the Intermedia Department Award for his thesis exhibition BURY MY ART AT WOUNDED KNEE: Blood & Guts in the Art School Industrial Complex. He is the founder and director of the artist/activist initiative, R.I.S.E.: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment, which is dedicated to the education, perseverance, & evolution of Indigenous art & culture.

Jess X. Chen is a queer filmmaker, multi-disciplinary artist/activist and nationally-touring poet. After the Cultural Revolution, her parents immigrated from rural Nanchang, China to Canada in 1989. Her work exposes narratives of colonial trauma, diasporic love and collective protest. Through film, mural-making, poetry and education, she is working toward a future where migrant and indigenous youth of color see themselves whole and heroic, on the big screen and the city walls & then grow up to create their own. She is a member of the Justseeds Artists Co-operative. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, her poetry has been published in The Offing, Nepantla: a Journal for Queer Poets of Color, The Margins and more. She has performed on stages such as The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, TEDxCUNY, The Asian American Writers Workshop, and more.

For booking, press, and promo, contact us at:


May 5th – Los Angeles, CA
7:30pm, Backyard show in Hollywood.

May 6th – Tucson, AZ
7PM: Story Land Tucson

May 7th – Gallup, NM
7PM: Gallup Coffee Company

May 8th – Santa Fe, NM
2PM - Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)

May 9th – Albuquerque, NM
7PM: The Tannex, w/ DISCOTAYS

May 10th-11th – Oklahoma City, OK

May 12th – St. Louis, MI
7:30PM: Westminster Press, w/ Joss Barton

May 13th – Chicago, IL
6:30PM: City Lit Books, with Emily Yoon and TBA

May 14th – Pittsburgh, PA

May 15th – Peekskill, NY
Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art
Visions From The Inside Opening

May 17th – New York City
7:30PM: Asian American Writers Workshop w/ Sonia Guinansaca + TBA

Hi Tumblr! Hi America! I’m on tour this week! Come catch me and the incredible @heterogeneoushomosexual for an eco-feminist poetry show. 

#Stencil of Daisy looking up at the flock of birds. 🍃🌾 Part of a…

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#Stencil of Daisy looking up at the flock of birds. ðŸƒðŸŒ¾ Part of a...

#Stencil of Daisy looking up at the flock of birds. 🍃🌾 Part of a 75 ft mural on feminist, migrant & ecological justice created with a downtown #losangeles community of migrant girls at @immediate.justice & the #EndangeredSpeciesMurals (at Miguel Contreras Learning Complex)

Facilitating day three of #painting & #stencils with 15…

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A video posted by JESS X 雪 CHEN (@jessxchen) on Mar 8, 2016 at 10:12pm PST

Facilitating day three of #painting & #stencils with 15 amazing migrant girls of color in downtown #LosAngeles. Their portraits line this 70 ft long community mural. Today Linda (2nd portrait from the left) said, “As a woman of color, I never thought I’d be important enough to be remembered on a #mural in my high school. Watching this community mural come together has been truly a life-changing experience.” ❤️🌿 // 🎥📷 by @immediate.justice // big shoutout to Ming, Nina, Natascha & Nelson from Pitzer for helping us! #justseeds #endangeredspeciesmurals #timelapse #streetart // read a blog post I wrote on the mural here:

repost @derri27 / honored to have been on a panel with…

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repost @derri27 / honored to have been on a panel with @jetsonorama at @bricartsmedia, talking about our series of #murals celebrating the legacy of #Black #Feminism in the oral tradition from to Sojourner Truth contemporary poets like @mobrowne and @s...

And the finished #WeBeDarkerThanBlue #mural collaboration…

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And the finished #WeBeDarkerThanBlue #mural collaboration...

And the finished #WeBeDarkerThanBlue #mural collaboration created with @jetsonorama, ft, @mobrowne & #SoniaSanchez is unveiled at @bricartsmedia tonight. Two generations of black women poets, blk girl magic and the oral tradition. Referencing Frida Kahlo’s “two Fridas” they are connected through ink, artery and blood. Their gold leaf halos emanate across the Atlantic Ocean amongst flapping of seagulls. #art #justseeds thank you @secretdoorprojects and @icyandsot for helping us with painting ! (at BRIC)

🎬My 2016 is going to be all about writing&directing feminist…

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🎬My 2016 is going to be all about writing&directing feminist...

🎬My 2016 is going to be all about writing&directing feminist futurist woman of color films. The beauty of film is how it forces you out of your comfort zone and to work directly with a community, listen intimately to their needs and stories and work in collaboration. As media makers we must ask: What stories are silenced? Who does the silencing? What does solidarity look like on a film set? Who is allowed to love on the big screen? How can we mentor the next generation, especially folks with no access to film education? How has media and film sets been a part of the history of colonization upon Indian-land? How do we create films responsibly and challenge normativity? I want to work with non-actors and bring queer, indigenous, black, brown & yellow voices behind and on to the big screen. I dream of a world where migrants, queer/trans youth of color, seeing themselves whole&heroic in drama, fantasy, science fiction & then growing up to direct their own. After all, to direct is to create a space safe enough for the intimate drama of our lives to be recorded and passed on. The Earth turning against the small of her hands. The entire universe reflected in a single tear. I cannot wait to share with you the journeys and stories that will come. ✨🎬 photo by @icyandsot