Bren Luke for SBS Digital Publishing interactive documentary

August 31, 2017 The talented team at SBS have produced this compelling read – A Violent Act – Perspectives on a Double Murder. INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTARY: The case of the 2003 student murders in Sydney remains open. Who killed Tony Tan and Chow Lyang?

Bren Luke was commissioned to illustrate the details of the crime scene before and after, murder weapons, and scenes as described by witnesses in their testimony. Wonderful example of digital publishing, thank you SBS for the fantastic brief.

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New Artist – Aidan Meighan

August 30, 2017 Our new recruit Aidan Meighan brings a personal and almost vintage feeling to his hand drawn illustrations, maps, plans and diagrams. He chooses to draw interesting buildings, tree houses, light houses, landscapes, gardens and roof tops drawing inspiration from places he has visited. His work is linear and pattern based, with strong perspective that lends itself to cartography and architectural work, and thus his side-business Whereabouts Maps where he completes personal commissions drawing buildings and maps of peoples towns, homes and businesses.

Architectural illustration is also a strength. He has previously been commissioned to illustrate visual perspectives of developments in the planning stage, based on basic draft drawings, that have then been used for planning applications by architects

Aidan works in pen, pencil and graphite.


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