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michaeljruocco: purplepeepbits: So I’ve been contemplating…

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So I’ve been contemplating for a couple years now on how I should come about this. As I don’t like asking for help or discussing personal tidbits about my life. 

In 2007, my mom was involved in a life threatening malpractice causing her brain loss, broken ribs and nerve damage in both her legs. Resulting in her using a walker. All in which wasn’t her fault. Even after the accident she is very optimistic and humble and hasn’t asked for a thing. She deserves a second chance at life and a little happiness considering what a crummy year she’s been having. 

My mom has exhausted every possible means. Insurance, health benefits, relatives’ and friends’ kindness. I need about $20,000 to pay for all the medical procedures, a nurse,  her move and a new working functional car.

I don’t know what else to do except to ask. I’m embarrassed to do so, but if it turns out you guys are willing to help, and If I didn’t ask, I would never forgive myself. Please help this amazing lady. I currently don’t have much but I’ve posted up a few reward options. You can donate any amount. I’ll be eternally grateful.

Read more about her story here:

Donate via GoFundMe

Hey Guys! Help out an amazing artist and her dear mother! Every cent matters!

Happy Birthday Andre!

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Andre is a fellow CalArtian. He’s a character designer at Sony Animation, in which he’s working on the sequel to one of my favorite movies, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!!!” You can see his work here.