Tim Foley


An illustration I finished up this morning for Hudson Valley of Hilarie Burton and her husband who were involved in a children’s home renovation project. (was really fighting the urge to put a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat in the husband’s other hand, but didn’t think it would fly, especially with the subject matter).


Dover Miscellany

A few more book covers for Dover’s ‘Evergreen Classics’ division. ‘What Katy Did’ is pictured above, and the illustration for ‘The Railway Children’ is pictured below. I also had a few pages for a previously published coloring book on the First Ladies. The updated edition will feature these two latest ‘first ladies’.

Dover Miscellany
Dover Miscellany
Dover Miscellany
(plus a color version of Michelle Obama for cover usage)
Dover Miscellany

Digital Paintbox

For a change of pace today, after I got my sketch quota for the next book out of the way, I decided to do a personal piece using the digital oils. This was based on a ‘found photo’ of some random stranger from the 1950s.


Jack Palance

#12 in my ‘Western Movie Stars’ series, Jack Palance. I may have an interested party in publishing these as a coloring book, and will know for sure in a couple weeks. So in the meantime, this will probably be the last sample I’ll post online for a while (at least until publication). Thanks for all the kind comments and suggestions here and on my Facebook page, and I’ll certainly be taking them all very seriously. The series may grow to also include television actors as well as movie actors (which is probably a good idea, as I can then include Barbara Stanwyck, Chuck Connors, Richard Boone and others I hadn’t originally planned on).

Marie Windsor

Been having a lot of fun with these ‘Western Movie Stars’ illustrations that I’ve been doing the past few weeks. I was due for another ‘Leading Lady’ today, and, went with a personal favorite of mine (though maybe a little obscure to some), Marie Windsor, who was most famous for being Elijah Cook Jr.’s scheming wife in Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘The Killing’, but who also did a fair share of work in the western genre, co-starring with Randolph Scott a few times, and doing plenty of B-Westerns and Western TV Show appearances. Thanks to theispot.com for picking up several of these illustrations for their news feed yesterday. I’m going to begin shopping this project around for a publisher this weekend, now that I’ve got a good representative sampling of the project.

Vera Miles

Another in my ‘Western Movie Heroes’ series. I’ve broken this into three categories: Male Movie Stars, Character Actors/Bad Guys & Leading Ladies. This is Vera Miles, from such films as ‘The Searchers’ and ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’. If I can’t find a publisher for this coloring book, I may look into self publishing.

James Stewart

Continuing on my self directed project of ‘Western Movie Heroes’ for possible usage as a coloring book. I have no firm plans for publishing at this point, but am keeping an open mind until I get a good deal further down the road with it. More to come later in the week.