Basic Design Principles – Problem Solving 101

Great design, what is it? …ok, it’s a combination of the right colors or a bold look? Perhaps some white space? Could it be a particular style of art, a trend, funk, cool, grunge stuff, contemporary business? In reality, it can be any of these factors, none of these factors, or even a variety of other factors going a totally different direction.
Basic graphic design, unlike art, generally should not be a subjective thing. Graphic design has a business purpose which of course means that it should accomplish a particular goal. That might be ideas driving sales, politics, education, influencing whoever or whatever applies to your unique business model. 
I apply it to business which the only logical place to be, right? Generally we need to make money and you need to look good to accomplish this.
On your glorified yellow pages ad also known as a website which is what I mainly do, in the first sentence and first paragraph the customer better know what you sell and if you can be of service to them PDQ. At least that is my SOP (standard operating procedure). Nobody wants you to waste their time, it’s precious.
The graphic design industry is all about solving visual communication problems, from logos on one end of the spectrum and presentations, diagrams, and interactive sales tools on the other end. And we try to do it in the most economic way because that is precious too.
Have a design or illustration problem or question? Feel free to shoot me a response or email.

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