Beachin’ n’ Drawin’

Beachin’ n’ Drawin’


So last week or so I took my family to stay at Hilton Head, SC. Nice beach. Lots of alligators. Anyways, I wanted to make sure that I kept up with my drawing responsibilities and decided to set up a mobile studio.


This was my corner of the dining room table

I’ve got two small kids so there’s rarely any free time to get anything done… so bringing all of these art supplies with me seemed half-way stupid. “WHY NOT JUST BRING A SKETCHBOOK, YOU DOOF?” Yes. I asked myself this question several times, but really felt like if I set up a real little place to draw (including my pencil sharpener) that I may actually get some drawing done.


I dealt with the stress of vacation by turning them into drawings

I’m happy to say that I did get some drawings done. One good thing about small kids at the beach is that there tends to be lots of napping afterward. So I tried to take advantage of quiet afternoons and just draw. Patience was key. While these aren’t great drawings, I did feel accomplished simply by “creating” something. Takes the edge off.


I like drawing monsters and vehicles, you guys.

One idea I did have was to do a fun promo piece of a monster driving some sort of vintage delivery truck. I thought that would lend itself well to a little postcard or some sort of mailer. You can see a clearer view of my initial thumbnails above.


A few cleaner explorations

I wanted to have the delivery truck feature my fat head logo, so I explored a few different “trailers”. The drawing at the bottom ended up being cleaned up for the final direction.


Lots ‘o trux

The shot above shows how this piece was built in Illustrator. I always like to use my own colors, so the little rectangles above show colors being mixed. I also tried to get away from a very ridged truck and make it more silly.



The final piece, currently in production, will be a cool kiss-cut postcard mailer. This will be the first of many in a series, and I look forward to sharing more soon.

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