BECAUSE udders are inherently funny

inherently – is a funny werd. and hard to spell.  which isn’t funny.
so last nite—we were watching LONESOME DOVE again—our annual thanksgiving tradition—started years ago–1980’s ish – at Gramma Locke’s house over  the Thanksgiving weekend

…and i decided to look up some of the history that this miniseries tromps thru…. including—–at the end of episode 2, Laura Darlin’ is saved by Gus, and they hole up for the nite in ADOBE WALLS, Texas. so i get to reading on my cellular texting device about the 2 famous battles  from that location.  I never knew. It’s quite a story.

i just finished this for  Adventures In Odyssey—on to more AIO projects that i am sorely late on.

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