BEST OF 2013

BEST OF 2013

Happy New Year everybody!  We are continuing the tradition of asking our artists to select their favorite piece from 2013.  This year we have a fantastic collection with a little something for everybody:  editorial projects for the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, packaging for Boston Beer and Hasbro, a Random House book cover, and a cool retro poster for the Sundance Film festival.  Plus many more in styles ranging from CGI to info-graphic to lino-cut.  And those little thumb nails can be blown up to be viewed in all their glory.  Before 2014’s craziness begins, please take a few minutes to enjoy.

Kirsten Ulve

Illustration for an art auction benefiting
the Dubuque Museum of Art.

Jonathan Ball/Poked Studio

Cushion created for Clickforart in the UK.

Rob Ball

Illustration for the Financial
TimesReview of “The Accidental
Caroline Attia
James Shepherd

Pinata Characters for a Frito Lay Cinco
de Mayo promotion display. 
Shelly Bartek

Illustration for Rockbottom
Dahl Taylor

Illustration for Samuel Adams. 
Michael Crampton

Illustration for the upcoming
2014 Sundance Film Festival. 
Echo Chernik

Brand illustrtion for Calliope Games. 

Jeff Mangiat
Andrey Gordeev

Illustration for Toyota. 

Tom Newsom
Adam Hancher

Book cover for Jenny Mayhew’s 
debut novel A wolf in Hindelheim
Charlie Hill

Illustration for the Wall Street
Journal about private investors. 
Jeff Wack

Main poster for the Wold of Equestrian
games in Normandy, France 2014. 

Russell Benfanti
Sean Parkes

Cover illustration for Hasbro’s
“Draw Something Party.”
Brendan McCaffrey

Advertising imagery for the 2013 product
line for Monster Cable audio products. 
Jude Buffum

John Dismukes

Project for Rick Ross Mayback Music
Group released by Atlantic Records. 
The logo was built in 3D. 
Dan Sipple

Icons for Intel app that compares their
Laurindo Feliciano

Illustration for  La Blogotheque
article by Josephine Foster.
Amy DeVoogd

Illustration for the Wall Street Journal’s
“Personal Journal” section called “Ask Teri.”

Miracle Studios

Comic strip for the cleaning 
product, Mr. Muscle. The client
was Ogilvy and Mather. 
Chris Wormell

Lino-cut illustration for Ross Sutherland
whisky label. 
Julie Green

Illustration inspired by Julia Green’s first 
trip to Hawaii. 

Sarah McMenemy

Illustration for Primera Airline’s
website and in-flight advertising. 

Digital Progression

A royal project for BMW, launched
on April 1, 2013. 
Frank Riccio

Illustration for the Virginia Foundation
for the Humanities’ 2014 New Year’s 
greet card. 
Hugh Syme

Illustration for Mendola’s 2014 
Matthew Cook

Drawing for the Military of Defense.
Steven Chorney
“Girls” advertisement for HBO

Chris Dellorco

Illustration for Tomic International
Advertising in Dubai. 
Lucy Davey

One of six cover illustrations for 
Maria Lang’s crime series novels. 
Kenny Kiernan

Cartoon art of Albert Einstein for “Smart
Cookies” by Canadian game publisher
Mona Daly

Summer theme in-store signage created
for Safeway.

Christopher Nick

Label illustration for Boston Beer. 
Sam Ward
Mary Woodin

Carrot illustration for Blue Hill 
Farm’s new yogurt products. 

Linda Richards

Illustration for Pomona College about
women’s college softball in California. 
Joe Taylor

Illustration for Actor’s 
Kate Forrester

Book cover illustration for Poems 
from the First World War. 

Project for Mangos Advertising/ B
Braun Medical. 

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