Better Product Knowledge Leads To Better Presentations And More Sales

The most sophisticated sales staff with a “Best In Class” product will fail to close the sale if the client cannot visualize the benefits derived from the purchase.  TPA’s twenty-three years of experience in technical illustration and our knowledge of your product line, allows us to create artwork which shows your customer the benefits they derive from your product.  The knowledge we gain of your product will come from the direct interaction between your engineering and marketing staff in consultation with our artists.  This knowledge allows us to customize the visual information you wish to convey to potential customers, which helps them see the value in the purchase of your product.
This cutaway of the Guzzler truck allows marketing to clearly demonstrate the operation and product flow without the necessity of destroying an expensive piece of equipment.  The illustration can also be animated to further enhance the visual message you wish to convey to your customer.
Patent Illustration Example

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