Black Templar: In Living Color

Black Templar: In Living Color

Alrighty, another blog post for the day, you lucky duckies!

I did about another 3 hours or so (I think) to get the Black Templar and his downtrodden servant to this point. To summarize the changes, we’ve added highlights and (obviously) color. However, this piece still needs at least 3 or 4 further highlight passes (at least one for each light source and at one extreme specular highlight) as well as a bounce light pass and some shadow deepening to increase the contrast. I also would like to paint out some of the outlines, but I’m not sure if that’s really feasible without taking this to a full illustration with background.

There are a LOT of details on this piece, believe me. It’s well worth your time to sit and take a look… the longer you look the more you will find! I think any hardcore 40K fan will agree that this picture does the Templars justice in terms of fluffiness.

Oh, as a bonus, +100 points to anyone who can name all of his crusade/campaign badges.. they’re there!

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