Black Templar: Initial Sketches

Black Templar: Initial Sketches

Hey folks,

In addition to my earlier ranting on SciFi Universes, I also got in some sketching time today on the Black Templar marine. I started with 4 preliminary sketches, just to get a feel for the pose I was going for. I still think something is off on my current pose (probably the facing of the head) but there’s still plenty of time to fix that.

Let’s do a quick break-down.

Sketch 1: This was inspired by a John Blanche painting from way back when and it’s still his most common pose (seriously, check out his art…it’s all over the place). I thought it looked a bit too robotic (there are ‘people’ under there, after all) so I decided not to go with it.

Sketch 2: This one is pretty similar to the sketch I ended up choosing, but the pose just wasn’t all there for me. Something about his left arm (the shield arm) seemed weird and didn’t rub me the right way. I do like the legs a bit since they make him look like he’s hiking up an embankment of something. I might go back later and steal those legs…

Sketch 3: Based off the DVD cover for Ironclad, this was by far the weakest pose, in my opinion. My main problem with the sketch was that the legs and arms just weren’t doing anything… they were sort of sitting there vapidly.

Sketch 4: I think this is the strongest sketch, so it’s what I went with! There’s some good torsion in the torso and hips which is interesting to look at. My only issues with this sketch are the head which should be contrapposto and the legs which are too boring because they are just strolling along. I think the ‘climbing’ legs from sketch 2 would be a better fit.

Below are the sketches which I initially made and a more detailed sketch-over for sketch 4. Let me know if you think I’m on the right track or if you would have done differently.


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