In the beginning, Supersoakers were invented by Lonnie Johnson and developed by Bruce D’Andrade.  Back in 1992, working for Bruce at Professional Prototypes, I designed the look of the Supersoaker Bow (among many other models), using actual paper and pencils.  
When I first learned Autocad, I set myself the challenge of reproducing that design to practice my new skills…  
Though I once had my very own Supersoaker Bow a long time ago, it also long ago disappeared.  Only very recently did I find another on Ebay, after years of searching, for it’s likely the rarest (and probably weirdest) of vintage, first-generation Supersoakers.  
This year, 2019, is the 30th anniversary of my getting hired by Bruce at Professional Prototypes.  Time flies like an arrow!  And fruit flies like a banana.