blog envy

blog envy

Blog envy. We all get it. It starts off as innocent internet surfing and next thing you know you feel like everyone’s life is better than yours. They make more art, they have more success they are holding their babies in one arm and making art with the other, they have giant book deals all while whipping up recipes from Pinterest. They get tons of blog comments, they get lots of advertisers on their blogs, whatever you feel is lacking in your life/business suddenly becomes magnified. A simple internet browsing turns into a “what’s wrong with me” emotional crisis.

I have been wanting to do a post about dealing with internet jealousy for a long time. Then this morning on Twitter I see that @SisterDiane has a great discussion about dealing with internet jealousy over at Google+. Join in on the discussion here! I hopped on over to the discussion and it was refreshing to see so many bloggers feel the same way. It’s so easy to think it’s just you!

As a blogger who writes about my business, it is very tricky to post about the down and dirty realities of running your own business as an artist. As with any business there are the highs and the accomplishments, but there are also times filled with worry, heartbreak and self doubt. This year has not been pretty for me. I’ve have a few business deals fall through, things I had high hopes for but for whatever reason they didn’t work out. There have been many tears shed and rethinking of my work and my life. I hesitate to post about it here on my blog because I don’t want to appear as though I am whining about things that haven’t worked out, and for the fear that it would make me look undesirable to future clients. It’s a very tricky balance to share the ups and downs of business and maintain a professional blog and I think most bloggers prefer to show the shiny side of their business and life.

So what to do when blog envy rears it’s ugly head? Don’t miss this post over at Helen Jane where she has a little guide to help you heal from the pain of blog comparison.

#3 in her list “Everyone is having a hard time of it” is especially true. I think about this when Blog Envy starts bubbling up. Remember what you are seeing on blogs is a filtered view of someone’s life. They share the success, the beautiful photos, the great decor in their homes. Meanwhile they are like the rest of us with junk drawers, messy closets, life, business and family issues.

They’ve got a great discussion over on Google+ so check it out there and I’d love to hear your thoughts on blog envy and how you cope/deal or avoid it!

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