Blog wondering

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I’ve been fiddling about with my blog lately. I have used it mainly as a website, a portfolio, because it was easier to update than my actual website. That’s why I have it set to show Snapshot or Flipcard as default Dynamic Views  –   because they are the settings that show as many pictures as possible, all at once.

(If you’d like to do this to your blog, I found this site very useful for any blogger tweaks) – Southern Speakers

Now I have a new easily-manageable website  –  (thanks to Weebly – very easy to work out) . I have removed a lot of images from here as I thought it was getting way too big.

Maybe I’ll just continue to add my very latest images here, and show some work in progress. The sort of thing I like to see on other artist’s blogs.

Speaking of other blogs, here are a couple that I find particularly interesting:

Picture Book Den lots of great articles about producing children’s books, the comments are always worth reading too. – about philosophy, creativity, inspiration, how to live your life- from the world’s greatest thinkers and writers.

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